Monday, June 16, 2014

Dear Yummy Mummies, let's cook with our kids

Last time I wrote about the issues a working mother faces, It was picked up by a blog and taken way out of context.

It went from being something I was feeling terrible about to "She thinks she is the only one who feels this?"

It pained me to read some really hatefull comments, and have since learnt not to go through with it, but I still strongly believe most working mothers go through exactly what I blogged about last time, and it eases the burden to share what we are going through as mothers.

Anyway, motherhood is a calling, (take that!) no matter what our jobs are, and I know that every working mother wants to have the best relationship with her children, and be the best mother she can be.

This year I decided to start cooking and doing DIY crafts with my daughter as one of the ways in which we can truly bond and for me to create a better relationship with her. I have learned with time and hindsight that mothers have the greatest influence on their children, and I want to be the kind of mother my daughter will always thank God for, love and bless as she grows up.

These thoughts began as I recalled growing up back home in Kitale.

The best memories I have with my mum are around making Mandazi's, planting, weeding beans and peas on our little shamba or weeding flowers as a family.

I recall how on Saturday afternoons we would sit under a tree and mum would oil our hair with 'School Girl" liquid paraffin oil and plait us 'matuta line'.

Other memories include selecting and chopping down a Christmas tree as we had cypress trees at home. We were village kids so no lights and other fancy stuff, but just the act of doing it together is what reminds me of what glued us together as a family, and eventually became the building blocks of a good relationship between our parents and us children.

In the world we live in today, we sometimes are not able to do all the fun things we did with our parents but we can surely re-create them.

These days I try to spend evenings with my daughter making whipped body butters, where we experiment with Shea, Coconut oil and different essential oils. She has now learned to whip and enjoys being able to use the body butter she has made to oil herself. Beyond that it has introduced a new bonding session in our home. We find recipes online for simple foods that she can help me with prepping, among other new ideas such as a movie night once in a while as a family. (yeah just us)

Anyway, I came across this book and wanted to share it with those yummy mummies who want to experience love in the kitchen with our young ones. It's available in most bookstores as I had seen it a couple times before I got it, and your kiddies will absolutely fall in love with the simple to make yet amazing foods.I am now looking for an African foods cook book so we can explore different recipes from around our beautiful country and continent.

Mad love to all you Yummy Mummies!

PS: I still enjoy a glass of wine at my favourite rooftop spot.


  1. Quite well I must say @Nebukadnezzer. I make a killer chicken and a mean chocolate cake ;-)