Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shaping conversations about Financial Freedom

I attended a rather interesting launch by Old Mutual Kenya last evening. What they are trying to do is something I believe can evolve into a movement and not the constant usual annoying one sided conversations done by insurance sales people.

You see, today, I hardly pick up the calls of several insurance people because a majority of insurance sales people are trained to be long winded and annoying. But, whichever way we look at it, insurance is an almost sure route towards financial freedom.

What Old Mututal kenya is trying to do is to change the conversations around why it is important for us as parents and young adults to begin to secure our financial freedom.

I was asked to speak for a quick minute, and here are the thoughts I shared.

"Conversations about Finance, Economy and money in Kenya and many places across the world are generally carried out by Men.

Yet across a huge number of Kenyan households it is the women who control the purse strings, working day and night to ensure her family does not sleep hungry.

What a paradox.

I want to be part of the generation that wants to take Kitchen finance to the next level. Where women are not only empowered to have financial freedom and the financial security of their families, but to be bold enough to want to invest; to be bold enough to want to be wealthy.

I look forward to engaging with women in a society that is ready to think beyond bread and butter, one step at a time.

I host a TV magazine show called The Business centre, and despite it being a business news show, We have deliberately taken a strong stance towards Entrepreneurship with TV features such as 'What it takes' which shows anything from 'what it takes to run a matatu business' How to import a car to sell' among other features that will not only inform but provoke our audience to begin to think entreprise and start to move away from the mentality that one must be employed to make it.

This ropes in entirely with my passion for changing our society's financial discipline. I believe that a change of mindset is what we need to secure our future, to explore investment possibilities, adapt financial planning and discipline and deliberately plan to create wealth.

I am Terryanne Chebet and I want to #dogreatthings


  1. Nice words if well taken. Remember that African traditional believes is the number one ememy of our success. Those stupid Wakamba cultural noms are the reason Wakambas are behind not lack of money or lack of education

  2. Interesting thoughts...the question of empowering women in matters financial starts with acknowledging the hurdles women encounter. These hurdles could be societal, psychological , legal etc it is ony by tackling these hurdles that there might be some change. Amazingly it is the same story the world over....